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What's Gotten Hairy at Domain Systems?

A short amount of backstory. I've had a beard 99.9% of my adult life every day since I turned 21. I vary back and forth between short and long lengths and generally stay somewhere in between. Each November came and went for me and I never put much thought into other people growing mustaches or not shaving during this month and presumed it may just be weather related to keep faces just a bit [...]

The Manufacturers Path to Oracle Product Development Cloud

In October, Oracle hosted its annual Open World event showing the new innovations, trends, and exciting announcements they have in store. One of the highlights was the announcement of the next generation of autonomous cloud. With a strong message of security, speed, and affordability, Cloud is now brought within everyone's reach. In preparation of Domain Systems upcoming webinar I'd like to [...]


In today’s high-tech industries, many companies face the struggle to maximize efficiency. What many lack is a robust and proficient enterprise solution to bolster your company’s product development while at the same time eliminating waste. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is easily one of the most critical capabilities for fast-tracking product delivery, dropping costs, and generating [...]

3 Critical Steps to Take Before Moving Your PLM to the Cloud

Times are quickly changing for businesses, products, consumers, and the solutions we manage them with.  PLM software has undergone a constant evolution in recent years to accommodate digital transformation, IoT, globalization, and still pack a competitive punch for its users. 

The 10 Best Oracle Agile PLM User Experience Upgrades

If your company is still operating on an older version of Oracle Agile PLM you may not know what you are missing.  

In my profession, I regularly interact with the end user.  Those who are still using relics like Agile 8.5, Advantage, 9.2, or even an early release of the 9.3 platform tend to get really excited about some simple User Interface/User Experience enhancement introduced to their [...]


Last year, Oracle announced an important developmental milestone, which affects users of their best-of-breed PLM platform, Agile.  They are called Agile Release Update Packs (or RUPs) and the implications of this change carry some weight, both in the now, and well into the future.

How to Upgrade Oracle Agile PLM

Eventually, every user will reach a point when it makes sense to upgrade. The decision, then, needs to be made whether to attempt the upgrade in-house or with an Agile specialist, like myself. Regardless of the direction you go, I want you to have a successful upgrade.  So we'll cover each step that needs to be taken, and if you follow them precisely, you will be up and running in no time.

How to Justify a PLM Investment to Your Superiors

As the pace of business accelerates, the demands are being felt by supply chains. Increased customer expectations, shorter product life cycles, added regulations to stay in compliance, and an ever dynamic market are challenging traditional methods of product management. Keeping in stride will not happen however, without the corresponding level of product automation technology. There’s just one [...]

6 Questions Everyone Should Ask When Hiring A Consultant

Deciding to hire a software consultant is a brilliant way to improve your business processes.  Consultants advise on best practices, which will result in greater profitability and competitiveness.  Hiring a new consultant, however, can land you with even greater challenges, which can damage your company’s reputation, set you back months, years, or worse. Our consultants have had to perform [...]

When Should I Move My PLM to the Cloud?

The overall concept of delivering computing resources through a global (web) network actually began in the 1960’s with the ideas of visionary JCR Licklider (see Intergalactic-computer-network with apologies to Al Gore).  Mr. Licklider’s idea was for everyone to be interconnected, accessing programs and data from any site, anywhere.   While not called cloud computing back then, the similarity [...]

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