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What's Gotten Hairy at Domain Systems?

What's Gotten Hairy at Domain Systems?

A short amount of backstory. I've had a beard 99.9% of my adult life every day since I turned 21. I vary back and forth between short and long lengths and generally stay somewhere in between. Each November came and went for me and I never put much thought into other people growing mustaches or not shaving during this month and presumed it may just be weather related to keep faces just a bit warmer while the winter sets in. This year is different and so will the years to come.

I'll admit my suggestion for a company wide "beard growing" was motivated by my desire to grow my own hair out longer. Thinking that my idea would have no traction I was genuinely impressed when our CEO accepted the idea, and then offered to donate money from the company for each employee who participates through the entire month to the Cancer Research Institute. 

Domain Systems is happy to announce our new tradition of No-shave November! This month we had a wide amount of participation to help build conversation and raise cancer awareness. 


No-shave Novembers concept is to forgo shaving and to embrace our natural hair. All the money you would typically spend on saving and grooming is donated to support the fight against cancer. The rules are very simple; put down your razors for 30 days and donate the monthly maintenance expenses you would have to the fight against cancer.

I will be giving all the money (that I normally would have spent on my personal grooming) to the Cancer Research Institute. Consider donating for yourself and help find a cure for cancer!

Donate Link - Cancer Research Institute

Donate Link - No-Shave



As a bonus take a look at some of our end-of-the month pictures!

 See you all next November!

Posted by Matt Pettit

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