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In today’s high-tech industries, many companies face the struggle to maximize efficiency. What many lack is a robust and proficient enterprise solution to bolster your company’s product development while at the same time eliminating waste. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is easily one of the most critical capabilities for fast-tracking product delivery, dropping costs, and generating revenues for major high-tech industries. Every company benefits from investing in the latest PLM technology and industry best practice to make sure you can make this extremely complex process more efficient, cohesive, and simplified. Product development challenges are around every corner with businesses in the high-tech world; Inefficiency in process, disjointed data systems, immensely complex products and difficulty adhering to rigorous regulations.
Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions regarding Oracle Agile PLM. We will start with the broad and get more focused questions towards the end.


What is Oracle Agile PLM?

Product Lifecycle Management; an enterprise software application that will:

  • Accelerate product innovation from design to product delivery.
  • Maximize product profitability.
  • Manage the enterprise product record as a single source of product truth.
  • Improve product design, launch, and support.
  • Optimize the global product network for virtual collaboration and product delivery.

How much does Agile PLM cost?

It can depend. Factors such as, the number of licenses needed, additional modules, etc. make it difficult to have a set amount of pricing figures. For an accurate quote please contact us at 801.447.3777

How long does it take to implement Agile PLM?

The short answer is again, it depends. In order to give an accurate estimate on implementation, we would need to gather more information about company size, the number of modules needed, and your availability. Having said all this, a typical medium deployment ranges from 3 to 6 months in elapsed time– sometimes less, sometimes longer. When the client maintains focus, things go faster. To get a specific time frame please contact us at 801.447.3777. Learn more about implementation here for Agile PLM.

What is Agile Product Collaboration?

Software that will manage finished products, SKU’s, assemblies, and sub-assemblies in a secure collaborative context that will promote product quality. Single Product Record of Truth. Shares product data and structure and manages change across the global product network.

What is Agile Product Quality Management?

A key component of a long-term product lifecycle management, this solution provides instant visibility to issues and resolutions within the product record. Additionally, provides visibility and manage product quality through closed-loop corrective action system.

What is Agile Product Portfolio Management?

It manages new product development schedules, resources deliverables, and gate reviews with dynamic links to other PLM processes. Provides tightly synchronized program and product information, maximized resource utilization, and cross-program visibility and decision support throughout the product lifecycle.

What is Agile Product Cost Management?

Manages product cost by early and real-time cost visibility. Suppliers can indicate through a secure and collaborative Request for Quote (RFQ). Process their ability to meet your cost targets and volume requirements.

What is Agile Product Governance and Compliance?

Manages product, substance, material compliance against standards and regulatory requirements. Integrated with the enterprise product record, the compliance engine is driven by best practice, open workflows that are easily configured to your business needs.

What is Agile Engineering Collaboration?

This provides the visual and substantive integration with the authoring tools used to model and drive product creation. Includes Integration of mechanical (MCAD) and electrical (ECAD) processes into Agile PLM.


Now that you’re armed with more knowledge you’re ready to take the next steps and learn more.

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